Maternity Jeans


Posted: 03 Oct 2013

by Sarah Boothman

Maternity denim sorted

A good pair of maternity jeans is an invaluable addition to every mothers pregnancy wardrobe and I am proud to say that I have played a part in creating one of the best maternity jeans wear collections around!

During my time spent working on the shop floor and talking with customers it became clear that the most important thing a pair of jeans should be are stylish and comfortable and that’s exactly what they are!

Emily and myself have ensured that our own label 9London denim ticks all the boxes when it comes to pregnancy jeans perfection. Our jeans are so good in fact, that the likes of Jennifer Garner and Una Healy have been spotted wearing a pair and celebrities only want the best!

We have created a timeless collection consisting of maternity skinny jeans and maternity straight jeans.

9london maternity skinny jeans

A super fashion statement, which suits all pregnant body, types which also help to lengthen the leg too. These are available in jet black and a classic blue all year round and the on the bump full waistband is a great comfort choice preventing jeans from falling down.

9london maternity straight jeans

Straight leg maternity jeans will help to beautifully accentuate your curves by bringing your thighs and hips into proportion. These come with an over the bump band and an adjustable waistband that allows the jeans to be drawn in and out according to the bump size. Our 9London maternity straight jeans are also available in a jet black or classic blue option.

Please feel free to contact us at info@9london.com for any style or size advise on what maternity jean will be perfect fit for you!

Help is at hand!

Sarah x